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These video clips, approximately 30 seconds each, are taken from the nea tapes. They represent a variety of opinions about censorship and funding for the arts in America.

You will need QuickTime 3 or better in order to view these files. Most recent browsers should be able to view these clips; if you cannot view them, please download QuickTime here (choosing the basic installation should be sufficient.)

Tim Robbins (actor, director) discusses the Theatre for the New City, where he began his acting career at age twelve

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Chuck Close (artist) reveals how the NEA controversy might inspire him to introduce some new elements to his paintings

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Fred Wilson (artist, educator) discusses how the NEA has helped allow minorities to participate in the art world in ways that were not possible before

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Graciela Sanchez (director of Esperanza Peace and Justice Center) explains how the San Antonio city council defunded all arts funding due to extreme criticism of the arts

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Andres Serrano (artist) talks about the controversy surrounding his photograph "Piss Christ"

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