the reaction

"the nea tapes is the best documentary I have ever seen...and I see a lot of documentaries."

Linda Mamoun, Films for Change Series, FSTV - Free Speech Television


"It's just really incredible; and so important, and so necessary. Thank you guys for working so hard to liberate and save something that we all hold so dear."

Barbara Kopple, - filmmaker, director producer "Harlan County" winner Academy Award, 1976 for best documentary


"the nea tapes...wonderful...I think Paul and Melissa did a splendid job. I was quite amazed at how many different points of view were expressed."

Jane Alexander, actress and former chairperson of the National Endowment for the Arts


The real value of this documentary, the nea tapes, is that it reminds us that the importance of the National Endowment for the Arts is in helping the little bits of American art--Native American basket weavers, cowboy poets, folk singers, and the like--that the commercial markets ignore.

Andy Wilkinson, poet and song writer


A stimulating documentary with a dizzying amount of opinions on the NEA mess... a worthy addition to an important topic.

Christopher Durang, playwright


"The response from this controversial film is going to cause a stir! Be the first kid on your block to get the scoop!"

Sowande Tichawonna, co-founder American Independent Video & Film Salon - Washington DC Chapter


What is most compelling about the nea tapes is its journey beyond New York and Washington. In Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Iowa, California, and even Texas, Lamarre and Wolf find instances of how the NEA is crucial to sustaining endangered species of human creativity. Far from trendy Manhattan salons, they visit cowboy poets, repertory actors, and basketweavers who insist that their traditions will perish if left to the vagaries of market economics.

The San Antonio Current, Steven G. Kellman


“the nea tapes show what American artists are facing, the struggle for ART! It should not be a struggle.

Mary Carpelan, California Indian Basketweavers Association, member of Shasta -Cohuilla Tribes

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