If you would like to own "the nea tapes" and are not employed by, or represent a college or university requiring the public performance rights and the study kit, your costs is $69.00 (Plus $20 shipping and handling.) Prepayment is required.

Library and institutional purchase of a VHS or DVD "the nea tapes" for screenings within the institution only $350 (Plus $25 shipping and handling.) Prepayment is required.

Make your check payable to Eidia House; mail to the address below and include the shipping/billing address. State which format DVD or VHS you require. "the nea tapes", (study kit for institutions) and invoice (PAID) will be mailed to you the same day your check is received.

You can email, phone, fax, or post your request. Many institutions have ordered both formats in which case the second is discounted $100. If you need an invoice or proforma invoice to begin processing payment, specify how we should contact you. Once we have your request, you will be immediately invoiced (in most cases the same day). The invoice will contain all the information you will need to process your order.

"the nea tapes" (2001) is particularly applicable for students and faculty interested in: the fine arts, art history, gender studies, interdisciplinary studies, sociology, communications, government, cultural studies, performance studies, journalism, media studies, political science and first amendment law. This one hour documentary can be presented in various ways: as private or public screening; with panel discussion; or to individual classes. The film can be used as a catalyst to activate, inform, inspire, and challenge students on the issues of arts funding and censorship in America.

Over 200 of the top universities, colleges and art institutes have placed orders for "the nea tapes." For example: University of Virginia, University of Wisconsin, Oklahoma State University, Ole Miss, Auburn University, Seattle University, Princeton University, Georgia State University, Dartmouth College, Providence College, Xavier University, Smith College, Notre Dame, Macalester College, The University of Washington (Seattle and Tacoma), Wheaton College, Duke University, The New School University, DePaul University, Amherst College, Olivet College, Vanderbilt University, University of Kansas, University of Cincinnati, Grinnell College, University of Oregon, New York University, University of New Hampshire, University of Puget Sound, Western Michigan University, University of Kansas, Simon Fraser University, University of Maryland, Saint Mary's College-Maryland, Wayne State University, Concordia University, George Mason University, College of Charleston, Wellesley College, Louisiana State University, University of Iowa, University of New Mexico, Michigan State University, University of Utah, Colby College, University of Nebraska, University of Nevada-Reno, University of New Orleans, Webster University, Kansas City Art Institute, Maryland Institute College of Art, James Madison University, Art Center College of Design / Pasadena, Arizona State University, Ohio State University, University of Buffalo, Sarah Lawrence College, Brown University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design, Vassar College, Hampshire College, Rutgers University, Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania State University, University of Colorado at Denver, University of Denver, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and many in the systems of the University of Texas and Indiana University / Purdue University.



Your purchase of the VHS or DVD includes in-house public performance rights for the purchasing institution. Purchase or rental does not include the rights to alter the VHS or DVD, offer it for sub-distribution, lend it to others, broadcast or transmit by any other electronic means. The university sale is for the life of the VHS or DVD. No VHS or DVD may be duplicated in whole or in part while in the possession of anyone who does not own the rights to the footage. All titles are solely owned by the copyright holder listed in the credits of the VHS or DVD and all VHS or DVD are protected by international copyright law. Duplication for any use is prohibited.

Please post screening information to web sites and send copies of any promotional materials, program notes, reviews or audience feedback that result from any screenings of "the nea tapes." All 'public' screenings must be free to the public.

If you plan to use the film for public screenings we would prefer that you purchase a DV (mini or cam) or Beta SP for a higher quality image in a larger screening situation. This would be the same cost as the VHS or DVD, with the same restrictions, plus the cost of the transfer, about $70 (depending on the format you require.) If you purchase the DV or Beta SP format we can include a VHS or DVD copy for an additional $60.00. This special request must be prepaid and will take two weeks to deliver.

Checks are made payable to Eidia House.



For pricing, for rental and screenings with an introduction / presentation / panel discussion with the filmmakers please contact Eidia House.

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